If you have to learn just one programming language

retard re at tard.com.invalid
Mon May 31 11:17:19 PDT 2010

Mon, 31 May 2010 18:23:18 +0200, Pelle wrote:

> On 05/31/2010 05:43 PM, retard wrote:
>> DMD is much slower than Sun Javac/Jvm 7, GNU GCC 4.5, and LLVM.
> For very special values of much, I suppose.

Polymorphic method calls, auto-vectorization, link-time optimization, 
floating point performance, etc.

>> For example the lambda syntax is terribly verbose in D compared to
>> Scala or Haskell.
> But way better than in java, C, C++ or almost any other language.

So basically if I'm offering you $100000 and $10, you're taking $10 
because it's more than $1 or $2 or any value between $3 and $4. Great 

>> D&  DMD are unstable, badly specified, buggy and most dsource projects
>> are deprecated (D1) or dead.
> True, but it's not like D isn't moving anywhere in that aspect.

Not sure about that. I'm still waiting for proper .stringof documentation 
and a formal spec for SafeD (I really want to know what it is exactly and 
what it is not)..

> Is there a point in here somewhere? :)

I suppose not..

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