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Daniel Gibson metalcaedes at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 17:00:24 PST 2011

Am 23.01.2011 01:32, schrieb Robert Clipsham:
> On 22/01/11 23:58, bioinfornatics wrote:
>> They are something wrong with druntime management!!!
>> Why druntime do not support gdc or ldc2?
>> Its is very crap thing i hope druntime will add soon gdc support. We
>> can send ldc and gdc patch.
>> Thanks for all
>> best regards
> I've been talking to you on IRC about this, but I'll reiterate it here
> for everyone elses benefit. Having support for each compiler in druntime
> is a bad idea. This is what druntime did initially when it was forked
> from tango. The trouble was that as the compiler got updated, the
> runtime needed to be updated too, and the compiler and runtime became
> out of sync very easily, and getting everything up to date again was a
> pain.
> The solution to this is to have each compiler maintain its own druntime
> compiler-specifics, and have the non-compiler-specific code in a main
> druntime repository - this way all that is needed is to copy/paste the
> compiler specific code into druntime. This works, as when the compiler
> is updated, so is the compiler-specific portion of druntime and nothing
> gets out of sync.
> Of course, a lot of druntime isn't compiler specific, for these parts
> patches should probably be applied. I'm not entirely sure where gdc and
> ldc are with respect to this kind of patch, I know they both have
> complete druntime implementations, but I'm sure if this kind of patch
> was made (preferably in smaller, individual patches for each feature/bug
> etc) it would be applied.
> Of course, this is just the situation as I see it, and from memory, the
> druntime folk will probably chime in and give the full story.

I think you're right and of course this makes sense.
I think we had this discussion before, but I can't find the thread.

A further note: As far as I know D's (dmd, phobos, druntime) development 
will soon move to git - maintaining compiler specific versions of 
druntime will probably be a lot easier then.

- Daniel

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