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Daniel Gibson metalcaedes at
Tue Nov 15 14:41:01 PST 2011

Am 15.11.2011 09:37, schrieb Peter Alexander:
> A quick example (could be better)
> "D is a multi-paradigm, type-safe, natively compiled programming
> language with a focus on pragmatism. D programs run as fast as those
> written in C or C++ without the tedium of manual memory management,
> verbose syntax or unsafe semantics."

I like this (but maybe a short note that manual memory management and 
unsafe stuff is still possible).

"The D programming language. Modern convenience. Multi-paradigm power. 
Native efficiency." however sounds too buzzwordy IMHO.
Regardless of the actual words used: This style of pseudo sentences only 
consisting of an adjective and a noun reminds me of annoying advertising 
slogans (there probably is a technical term for this, but I'm no 
linguist). And three of them in a row (or 4, if your count "The D 
programming language") hurt.

Two or three short sentences (in the style of Peter's suggestion) are 
still short enough that everybody reads them (maybe important parts 
could be emphasized for everybody who is too lazy to read whole 
sentences), contain more information and look more serious than a line 
of pseudo-sentences that sound like taken from a TV commercial.

- Daniel

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