Doom3 (id tech 4) port/binding in D ?

Regan Heath regan at
Mon Nov 28 07:42:38 PST 2011

On Sat, 26 Nov 2011 21:04:28 -0000, Paulo Pinto <pjmlp at>  

> Am 25.11.2011 00:33, schrieb Somedude:
>> Le 25/11/2011 00:14, Andrej Mitrovic a écrit :
>>> I remember reading this ages ago:
>> Besides there has already been a FPS written in D, and that hasn't had
>> much effect on the gaming community either.
> The gamming community has actually been moving to Java and C# in
> what concerns workflow tools and server side code, while leaving the  
> game engine core features in C/C++/Assembly.
> Not sure if D would still make have an impact there.

As you could use D for both aspects I think that would be an advantage in  
code sharing, and developer training etc.

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