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Kagamin spam at here.lot
Mon Nov 28 13:12:37 PST 2011

so Wrote:

> Except it has noting remotely resembles a novel, where the author plots to  
> a final common goal,
> which happens to be written/thought long before the actual writing.

There's no visible difference if the novel runs for decades.

> > Chronological order also helps to understand people. This way posts tend  
> > to be grouped by author (remember you've posted 4 messages in a row to  
> > this topic). This way one can better understand you as your thoughts are  
> > concentrated in one place rather than scattered all over sub-threads:
> > will all information at hands it's easier to figure out your viewpoint  
> > in all details.
> A suggestion, use threaded view and you don't need to "understand" any of  
> this,
> you just see them without any effort.

This is not a solution even for this particular problem, and people do not speak only about theaded and linear views anyway.

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