Is D more cryptic than C++?

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Wed Nov 30 03:36:16 PST 2011

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> On Tue, 29 Nov 2011 22:30:21 -0800, Abrahm <abe2007 at> wrote:
>> I get the feeling that it is from reading the threads in here. Is 
>> there
>> somewhere that has non-trivial D and C++ code that does the same 
>> thing,
>> side by side, so that I can evaluate D better? Links if you got 'em
>> please. Maybe even a small entire application would be good to 
>> download
>> and perusal. This request really calls for code that is not part of D, 
>> so
>> the D front end compiler and the like is inappropriate.
> Well, i'd say that this forum can get hypertechnical in a hurry; a lot 
> of  the conversation on this forum is directed at making D better, and 
> because  of that, threads tend to run down arcane rabbit holes that use 
> code that  you will probably never touch. I wouldn't really hold up the 
> threads here  as an example of D's readability.

I'll check out the learn ng next time. Maybe that is then more focused on 
the higher-level constructs of the language.

> In my experience D is roughly analogous to C# in terms of crypticness 
> and  readability, I am here doing long-term evaluations of D as a 
> replacement  for C# on my employers projects as we may face power 
> constraints in the  future that preclude the use of a JIT'ed language. 
> So far, I like what  I've seen.

But I thought that C# could be precompiled in some fashion? In either 
case, going from C# to D seems like a major move. Not so much the move 
but a too broadly defined application that it could actually be a good 
fit with both languages.

> As for non-trivial code, there are a number of FOSS project lying 
> around,

Recommendations of which to peek at? A link? SourceForge?

> but I don't know of any that have parallel D and C++ implementations; 
> usually the developers have more interesting things to be working on... 
> The best you'll be able to do is probably this page: 
> It includes some very 
> tricky examples surrounding templates towards the bottom.

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