Piotr Szturmaj bncrbme at jadamspam.pl
Thu Oct 20 10:41:05 PDT 2011

Steve Teale wrote:
>> Steve Teale wrote:
>>> It looks as if it is not a big deal to use the MySQL protocol rather
>>> than the client library. I can now log in that way, so the rest should
>>> follow, and I am working on the changeover. The current MySQL protocol
>>> has been around since version 4.1.
> Unfortunately I am now reasonably sure that such documentation as there
> is about the protocol tells lies. So getting it right is going to be like
> trench warfare. I was hoping to do it without resorting to dissection of
> the MySQL source code, but the latter may be required.

I guess you're right about that requirement. I also did read some 
Postgres source code to see how data types are encoded. Don't give up! :-)

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