Review of Jesse Phillips's CSV Parser

bls bizprac at
Sat Oct 29 17:05:01 PDT 2011

On 10/29/2011 03:56 PM, Jesse Phillips wrote:
>> std.csv is pretty cool. No doubt, But shouldn't std.csv be based on
>> >  std.lexer ?
>> >
>> >  A+
> Well, std.lexer doesn't exist. And if it is reasonable to use one, then
> it could be done without changing the API.
> I think the database API stuff will have much more influence on what
> needs to be done with std.csv, but I think what is currently implemented
> must remain as is.

There is somebody working on std.lexer (a generic lexer) (as far as I 
remember the project started as std.range stress test )

However, I have no problem to imagine that f.i. the Tokenizer will be 
part of the std.lexer module. :)

Regarding std.database.. Please elaborate/  ATM I just can imagine that 
std.csv will be used for Import/Export.

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