killer App for D? (was: State of D on iOS/Android)

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> On 2 February 2012 14:50, J Arrizza <cppgent0 at> wrote:
> >
> > So... Will D and Android GUI libraries be able to replace Java in the
> next
> > two years? Is there a commitment or direction towards that end?
> >
> Not replace, but it is my goal to certainly have it a viable
> alternative, just as you could alternatively use C/C++ on Android
> instead of Java.
> Iain,

A viable alternative will, in my opinion, pave the road (interstate?)
towards eventually replacing Java. I currently use embedded Java (Jamvm &
GNU classpath) and I am planning to move to Android when my project has
some time. Others in my organization are already on board, it's just a
matter of appropriate timing in the project.

I like to believe I made a  rational choice with Java and I also like to
believe that moving to Android and the dalvik JVM is an even better
rational choice and so, again,  it is very likely that others are  making
the same choices.

And there is strong evidence Android has been chosen in the current wave of
devices. I've been looking at Android for the last couple of years, and
this was front page news recently:

I also know I am very dissatisfied with Java's speed and so it is very
likely others are dissatisfied too. They will be or already looking for a

If D is ready, it will be snapped up. I think most embedded device people
who went to Java are ex-C/C++ (as I am) and even though the benefits are
huge, Java's slow speed grates on their nerves (like it does mine). D is
the next logical step.

I have only a few hours a week to dedicate to this but if you can give me
some instructions & downloads, I'd like to try whatever you have.

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