dmd Lexer and Parser in D

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Sat Feb 4 08:48:10 PST 2012

"Daniel Murphy" <yebblies at> wrote in message 
news:jgj9mu$1q60$1 at
> On a related note, how much interest is there around here in having an 
> official version of dmd written in D?

I'm interested in a D *API* for taking in D sources and spitting out the 
user's choice of either the parser results, or an AST with all the 
semantics/CTFE/etc already run. I get the impressiona lot of people are 
intrested in this.

As far as the actual *implementation* behind the D interface, I don't 
particularly care if it's C, C++, or D.

I suspect having it D might be a pain until a lot more issues get resolved. 
A bootstrapping compiler, I would imagine, would need a much more stable 
base than other types of software would need (though I don't have any 
experience with bootstrapping compilers, so I could be wrong).

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