automated C++ binding generation.. Booost D, NO , Not us. SIMD is more important.

Andrej Mitrovic andrej.mitrovich at
Mon Feb 6 03:06:44 PST 2012

On 1/26/12, bls <bizprac at> wrote:
> Hi Andrej,
> first of all : it is NOT my intention to pick on your nerves.
> I am just curious and , ahem, a bit impatience.
> Have you made some progress on the code generator ?
> Are you running into problems, hard to solve problems ?
> Well, it would be nice to get some feedback. I am really keen to see the code. (cause I'll try,based on your code, to create bindings to the wxShapeFramework... )
> Kind regards,
> Bjoern (bls)
> PS Have you noticed the wxPHP update.
> PPS Wouldn't make more sense to use the new Tango 2 'cause it has XPath support ? Given XPath support is imited, but I think good enough for this task.

I'm working on this around the clock. If everything goes ok I might
have the wxc wrapper done by the end of the week, but I'm not making
any promises.

I'm not having much difficulty, there are some edge-cases here and
there but it's fine. PS: Yes, however I'm now basing the wxc generated
code around the existing wxc binding, and not wxPhp. wxPhp uses some
3rd party library that has to do a lot of magic to interact with a C
library, so it's code generators are not that useful to me. The
existing wxc bindings already have memory management in place which I
can reuse. PPS: I'm parsing the xml files fine, there's no need to use
tango at this point.

I'm not publishing any code yet since I don't want people to do
duplicate work and make pulls, we'll end up stepping on each other's
toes. And work can't be done in parallel since you need wxc before you
can generate wxd wrappers.

I'd ask for a little bit of patience! Thanks. :)

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