Mac OS X 10.5 support

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Thu Feb 9 00:55:37 PST 2012

On 2012-02-09 04:52, Walter Bright wrote:
> Lately, dmd seems to have broken support for OS X 10.5. Supporting that
> system is problematic for us, since we don't have 10.5 systems available
> for dev/test.
> Currently, the build/test farm is OS X 10.7.

That's too bad. But the same must apply to 10.6 as well, since the 
build/test farm runs Mac OS X 10.7. I mean it can cause problems as well 
since we don't have a build farm that runs 10.6.

> I don't think this is like the Windows issue. Upgrading Windows is (for
> me, anyway) a full day job. Upgrading OS X is inexpensive and relatively
> painless, the least painless of any system newer than DOS that I've
> experienced.
> Hence, is it worthwhile to continue support for 10.5? Can we officially
> say that only 10.6+ is supported? Is there a significant 10.5 community
> that eschews OS upgrades but still expects new apps?

/Jacob Carlborg

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