Programming for std.log

David Nadlinger see at
Sun Feb 12 14:32:19 PST 2012

On 2/12/12 11:22 PM, Jose Armando Garcia wrote:
> Sorry for the false alarm. I think the problem went away once I
> rebuild dmd, druntime and phobos. Your advice was really good in
> helping me make any sense of this! Thanks.
> -Jose

So std.log is still/again ready for review?

std.log has been in the queue forever (but was previously postponed due 
to Jose being unavailable), std.uuid is small (but parts of it depend on 
not-yet-in-Phobos hashing code), and Jacob Carlborg is waiting for 
feedback on Orange – no clear winner, but to finally get the process 
running again, I'd suggest to begin the std.log review tomorrow. Since 
nobody else stepped up, I'd volunteer as review manager.


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