Why is there no or or and ?

F i L witte2008 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 10:02:00 PST 2012

Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> I find:
>    case a == 0 && b !is null && c == "Bar" { ... }
> much easier to read than:
>    case a == 0 and b !is null and c == "Bar" { ... }
> Since the former uses a totally different character set for the 
> operators, my eyes can parse it at a glance. With the latter, I 
> have to actually go through and read it. The "and" and "or" 
> just visually blend together with all the other words and 
> variables.

I've set up some custom keywords in Notepad++ which I use to test 
this stuff out. 'null' and 'is' are separate colors from 
case/and/or so it's easier to parse-at-a-glance since &&/|| are 
colored the same as operators and conflict with the '=='/'!is'. 
But I guess this is largely syntax-highlighting issue. Still, I 
find 'and'/'or' quicker to type, but I'm not strongly against 
using either one or both for that matter.

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