Improve anchors for ddoc (

Yao Gomez yao.gomez at
Sat Feb 18 10:58:36 PST 2012

On Saturday, 18 February 2012 at 17:24:13 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
> Basically every caption in the language reference should have 
> an anchor
> so that one can refer to it.
>    // <- 
> missing

Yes, totally agree about that. I think that an index with links 
to each section should be included at the beginning of some of 
the longer language reference pages, like for example this one:
  There's a list of links at the beginning, but they link to the 
related specification part.

> For the library reference different scoped members with same 
> names collide.
> Listing a flat popFront in the jump-to header is pretty useless.
> Each entry that has more than one member could have it's own 
> jump-to.
> std.range
> Jump to: RangeA, RangeB, ...
> ...
> struct RangeA;
> -----------------------------
> Jump to: front, popFront, ...

I think that this is a limitation of how DDOC generates the 
documents, the Javascript method that creates the list at the top 
of each Phobos module takes the first reference to that symbol, 
regardless of whether it corresponds to that or not. Either the 
doc gen capabilities should be enhanced, or the Javascript code 
should be improved to cope with this limitation.

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