Questions about windows support

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Wed Feb 22 18:56:49 PST 2012

I started the dshell just to waste a little time:

         dmd dshell.d -L-lreadline -L-lncurses

It doesn't do much here, but there's a few things I think
are cool:

1) D reflection rox. You can write D functions with simple
arguments and it works basically. I want to detect bitfield
enums to automatically do -flags too.

2) Your functions can return whatever, and it is wrapped in
a runtime polymorphic range.

If you just want strings, you can do ProgramDataByLine(input).

If you want something fancier, you can use 
to fetch out the original input range.

The syntax is so far just the basics... calling functions
and pipes.

but hey its kinda cool already.

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