Setting a deadline for setting up shared ?

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Mon Feb 27 07:09:16 PST 2012

Le 25/02/2012 12:20, Daniel Murphy a écrit :
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>> It would be awesome. As I mentioned several time, I'm readu to help but
>> still struggling with dmd source code.
>> If a guru can boostrap me, I would be happy to help.
> What would you like to know about it?  Nearly everything I know about how
> dmd works came from stepping through and printfing the source, and reading
> the explanations Don somethings leaves in bugzilla comments.
> I found rejects-valid bugs to be the easiest to get started on, because you
> can just search the source code for the error text, insert breakpoints, and
> use the call stack to work out how it ended up there.
> Reading dmd commits can be useful too, it can tell you which parts of the
> code are responsible for which problems.
> If you post specific questions (on the internals mailing list) I'll try to
> answer them, but it's a little difficult to just explain how it works.

Happy to read that.

I don't want to know something very specific, just pass the entry 
barrier where I can start doing something useless in it. This is another 
topic si I'll stop here.

I'll pick up an easy bug this WE and try to solve it.

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