Import improvement

Sönke Ludwig sludwig at
Tue Oct 16 01:13:05 PDT 2012

Am 10/16/2012 2:10 AM, schrieb Peter Alexander:
> On Monday, 15 October 2012 at 23:43:53 UTC, 1100110 wrote:
>> I like what vibe.d did by having an import all file named d.d
>> Therefore you can:
>> import vibe.d;
>> It's nice, it's clean, and I've blatantly stolen it for a few of my
>> own projects.
> It's cute, but I think it is terribly misleading. I wouldn't recommend
> that to anyone.

I agree, in vibe.d it's just a little pun on the name, but in general it
could of course be mistaken as a file name.

I've used pack.pack instead of pack.all or pack._ in the past, but
somehow all of them are kind of ugly without being able to just say
'pack', as in the DIP.

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