Travis CI - Continuous Integration Testing Server

Jens Mueller jens.k.mueller at
Fri Oct 26 01:14:15 PDT 2012

Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2012-10-25 23:47, Jens Mueller wrote:
> >I've been using which offers a similar service based on
> >Jenkins.
> >Since Jenkins supports shell scripts to drive the build it was fairly
> >easy to support D (see
> Travis supports "make" and it probably supports shell scripts as
> well. But what about installed software?

With Jenkins you can run any shell script. So I wrote a shell script
that downloads and install dmd and continue. Probably that can be
simplified using dvm.

> >You can add your own systems for executing the builds (but I have never
> >done this myself).
> >I'm not sure whether pull requests are supported.
> >They have reduced prices for FOSS projects.
> >
> >
> >It's very nice to have automated and tested builds for free.
> Yeah, as I replied to another post:
> What I like about Travis is that they will host the builds/tests and
> do it for free. I think that's a huge difference and lowers the
> barrier to start with CI testing.

It is. It's amazing how much you can automate these days for free.


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