core.runtime: loadLibrary and unloadLibrary?

Martin Nowak code at
Thu Jan 10 16:10:29 PST 2013

> About D shared libraries, this is what's missing:
> The runtime need to collect the following from all loaded images (shared
> libraries and executables) and all that are loaded during program
> execution:
> * Exception handling tables
> * Ranges scanned by the GC
> * TLS data
> There are more issues than listed above that I can remember right now.

Right this is the same state on POSIX and of 2.061 all shared libraries
produced by dmd try to call a weakly linked `_d_dso_registry` upon
loading/unloading to pass EH and ModuleInfo tables.

The current state of:
is here:

Some unsolved issues remain:

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