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On Sat, 14 Mar 2015 23:15:34 +0000, Brian Schott wrote:

> First, a disclaimer: I am an idiot for starting this thread.
> Moving on...
> I'm working on a list of configuration options for dfmt - a formatter
> for D source code.
> So far I have the following:
> * Insert spaces between if, while, for, foreach, etc loops and the "("
> * Allman vs One True Brace Style (Already supported by commant-line
> switch)
> * Operators at the end of the old line vs beginning of the new line when
> wrapping long expressions.
> * Insert space after the ")" of a cast expression * Make "case" and
> "default" match the indent level of the enclosing "switch"
> * Labels for loops always on their own line vs the same line as the loop
> * Labels outdented one level * Label indentation matches the most recent
> "switch"
> * Hard limit for line length * Soft limit for line length
> What am I missing?

optional space before arguments in function declaration, if you please. 

  void foo();


  void foo ();
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