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On Mon, 23 Mar 2015 21:34:08 +0000, Jake The Baker wrote:

> I don't want to spend 30mins to an hour to download the latest version,
> compile it if I have to, make sure all the configuration stuff is
> correct, create a setup program... just to find out there is a bug in
> the latest version at the end.

there is a brilliant invention here that helps with exactly this. it is 
called "scripting". i spent, you know, something like a hour more than 
year ago, and now i can build DMD in 2 minutes (this is the limit of my 
box, it can't compile code faster than that), update it in less than a 
minute (this is limited by internet connection) and so on.

there is life beyond IDEs. no, really, i'm not joking!
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