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Tue Mar 24 20:30:17 PDT 2015

On Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 17:49:56 UTC, CraigDillabaugh wrote:
> On Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 17:13:07 UTC, Jake The Baker wrote:
>> You guys are complete ignoring 90% of the post. It is not just 
>> about configuration.
>> Regardless, I'll be back in another year to see what progress 
>> has been made. Good luck. I really do hope you guys can get 
>> your shit together and make D the top language! I'd like to 
>> actually use it for serious stuff one of these days(hopefully 
>> before my hair turns gray)
> Did you even look at Digger and DVM as was suggested above? 
> They don't seem to fulfil your vision, but they do provide some 
> of what you are asking for.

Again, the point is that one can't do it. We know it can be done.
It's about efficiency.

You are not accumulating the man hours it takes over the total
work time(the unexpected stuff that can take days to fix. Days
most people are not willing to even risk wasting if it is

If all this stuff was properly integrated into an ide like work
space specifically tailored to D development, then I'm sure D
would get more bites than it is.

Obviously it isn't a simple undertaking.

Lets suppose if 30 coders that come to this forum were on board.
Suppose one year was spend developing such an app that make it
very effective to not only develop in D but also help develop D.
Suppose it was just a super awesome and efficient IDE that solved
all the programmers problems.

Ok, Would that year be worth the "wasted time" on the IDE
considering what it can accomplish in the next 10+ years?

Is the investment worth it?

This is an "invest 10k$ and get 1M$ back" type of "scheme". But
in this case if done right it will actually happen. (e.g., invest
in the stock market on logical investments vs giving your money
to Burt & Bernie's Investment Firm.

I just see a bunch of wasted arguments about things on this
forum. If all that energy was captured and harnessed into
creating something that would increase productivity then it will
do so exponentially. (30 people spend 1 year to create something
that potentially millions will use every day for the next 10+
years. That's a 33,000 ROI... who would pass that up?)

Of course, maybe we can just use 10 people and about 3 months to
get a good approximation? Maybe eclipse could be developed to do
the job? Maybe Visual D could be extended to include built in bug
tracking, repository and versioning issues, collaboration, etc?

These questions can't be answered until people think there is a
problem. Maybe the real solution is just to scrap D and get
behind Go. Who knows until people honestly look at the underlying
problems that are preventing D from becoming mainstream(time is
and obvious one, but the more reason to get it done ASAP before
we all end up in the old folks home).

But I guess I digress! Some people just like to dig.

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