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Tue Mar 24 21:20:03 PDT 2015

On 03/23/2015 05:34 PM, Jake The Baker wrote:
> If D had an ide that could do the following I think development and
> testing could be better managed.
> 1. IDE that works with a centralized server to be able to change D
> versions at a drop of a time. e.g., click "Master" and it checks to see
> if you have the latest, if not it downloads it, configures it, and sets
> it up hands free to be used. (If it requires any interaction to work
> then it is a bug)
> 2. Patches, bugs, and everything else can be accessed through this IDE.
> Collaboration can be made between groups of people and individuals.
> Announcements could be made by head honchos. (In fact, this software
> could be more generic and used by anyone for any purpose of
> collaboration in programming... e.g. with php).
> One can see open bugs, issues, workarounds, etc at a click.
> 3. Projects could be collaborated on easily with people being able to
> "watch"(RD) another persons session(say for debugging help or whatever).
> 4. The ability to connect resources to projects. e.g. insert a note over
> a function that links to the D documentation about a bug.

Are there IDE's that do this?  As far as I know, Xcode does not, Qt
Creator does not.

I think you're getting a lot of push back because these ideas don't seem
reasonable, especially in comparison to the infrastructure of other
large-ish open source projects.

Paul O'Neil
Github / IRC: todayman

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