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Jake The Baker via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Wed Mar 25 09:56:32 PDT 2015

On Wednesday, 25 March 2015 at 04:20:03 UTC, Paul O'Neil wrote:
> On 03/23/2015 05:34 PM, Jake The Baker wrote:
>> If D had an ide that could do the following I think 
>> development and
>> testing could be better managed.
>> 1. IDE that works with a centralized server to be able to 
>> change D
>> versions at a drop of a time. e.g., click "Master" and it 
>> checks to see
>> if you have the latest, if not it downloads it, configures it, 
>> and sets
>> it up hands free to be used. (If it requires any interaction 
>> to work
>> then it is a bug)
>> 2. Patches, bugs, and everything else can be accessed through 
>> this IDE.
>> Collaboration can be made between groups of people and 
>> individuals.
>> Announcements could be made by head honchos. (In fact, this 
>> software
>> could be more generic and used by anyone for any purpose of
>> collaboration in programming... e.g. with php).
>> One can see open bugs, issues, workarounds, etc at a click.
>> 3. Projects could be collaborated on easily with people being 
>> able to
>> "watch"(RD) another persons session(say for debugging help or 
>> whatever).
>> 4. The ability to connect resources to projects. e.g. insert a 
>> note over
>> a function that links to the D documentation about a bug.
> Are there IDE's that do this?  As far as I know, Xcode does 
> not, Qt
> Creator does not.
> I think you're getting a lot of push back because these ideas 
> don't seem
> reasonable, especially in comparison to the infrastructure of 
> other
> large-ish open source projects.

And this is exactly why things won't change. There was one time
we didn't have a space shuttle. There was a lot of people saying
the world was flat, At some point the computer you are working on
was just a concept that many people said couldn't be done.

Do *you know what progress is?

Seriously, do you believe that just because Qt, Xcode, VS, etc do
not have such features that such features are useless or simply
not possible? Because that is what you are effectively saying
with your argument.

This is not a BW game. It is Gray. The question isn't if these
features exist already or should be implemented. We know they
will improve performance and enhance collaboration. The question
is how much will it matter. But if you think it's BW then we
can't ever get to that question and nothing will ever change.
(Because you are either a black or a white. (avoids change or
embraces it))

If you want to go with the BW game then we can't even begin to
solve the problem because there is no open discussion that will
lead to true solutions. (I only posted stuff that is suppose to
be a jumping off point)

The Catholic Church has that mentality... as do most
Catholics(not a coincidence). Thousands of years of keeping
progress to a minimum will do that.
(I'm not getting into a religious discussion here. This is not
bashing Catholics. It is simply a well known fact that most(all?)
modern religions are anti-technological-progress because when you
are dealing with the supernatural it's kinda a moot point)

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