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Wed Mar 25 13:05:35 PDT 2015

> Do *you know what progress is?

Author say's it's been a slow week, but you can watch these to 
get a better feel for the pace of D.

> Seriously, do you believe that just because Qt, Xcode, VS, etc 
> do not have such features that such features are useless or
> simply not possible?

Maybe you should ask "If none of these large well funded 
companies have set out to create such features, should it really 
be expected of a free open source project like D?"

So, although I don't speak for the D community, I suspect that 
things are the same as in any open source/free project: "Step Up 
or Shut Up".

At the last DConf though, I remember it being said that what the 
D language really needs is corporate backing/funding. Until that 
happens, I would think it foolhardy to expect any large scale 
changes in how things work here..

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