A reason to choose D over Go

Laeeth Isharc via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Wed Mar 25 10:21:42 PDT 2015

> I earn my pay with Java development. In my spare time I learn 
> some Scala hoping there might be some work for me with Scala in 
> the future. Then I need to become familiar with all kinds of 
> new frameworks, tools, libraries and systems that continue to 
> pop up every year in the JVM eco system.
> In the end there is not much time left for playing with a 
> "systems language". As Go is very effortless it could be a good 
> compromise here. I have thrown it away and refetched it due to 
> lack of alternatives several times. I would like to play with 
> D, but it has as step a learning curve as Scala. If you don't 
> have a background in C or C++ the learning curve is even 
> steeper. So it depends a lot from where you are coming.

I have never used Scala, never written in C++, and haven't done 
much C programming in about twenty years (and only occasional VBA 
for Excel programming in between).  I don't learn as quickly 
today as when a child.  But I was able to learn enough D to be 
productive in my domain in a few months, and found it easier to 
learn than Python.  So I haven't personally found the learning 
curve to be steep in the sense of learning enough to be 
reasonably productive.  The metaprogramming perhaps, but you can 
do a lot without being a ninja there if your orientation is just 
being able to solve the problems you have in a small to medium 


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