std.reflection prototype

Rikki Cattermole via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Sun Mar 29 21:44:07 PDT 2015

On 30/03/2015 5:39 p.m., bitwise wrote:
>> But first we need to finish off what support we damn well have in
>> druntime.
>> m_offTi for TypeInfo_Class currently is not being generated.
>> We also need some form of RTInfo for modules. Not just for symbols.
>> This alone will open up quite a few doors!
> In the "time for std.reflection" convo, it seemed like Andre was talking
> about a library solution, and not something compiler generated.. has
> that idea since been thrown out?

This definitely should be a library solution. But it seems silly, to not 
use code in druntime. Either that, or if it is like m_offTi, remove it. 
After all, it was never implemented.

> Has there been other conversations on this that I missed?


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