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> Yeah, dmd memory consumption is way off the charts, because under the
> pretext of compile speed it never frees allocated memory. Unfortunately,
> the assumption that not managing memory == faster quickly becomes untrue
> once dmd runs out of RAM and the OS starts thrashing. Compile times
> quickly skyrocket exponentially as everything gets stuck on I/O.
> This is one of the big reasons I can't use D on my work PC, because it's
> an older machine with limited RAM, and when DMD is running the whole box
> slows down to an unusable crawl.
> This is not the first time this issue was brought up, but it seems
> nobody in the compiler team cares enough to do anything about it. :-(
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I can relate. DMD compilation speed was nothing but a myth to me until I
migrated from 4GBs to 8 GBs. And everytime I compiled something, my
computer froze for a few seconds (or a few minutes, depending of the
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