Database of practicality will be an important factor for development of D language in the future

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Thu Feb 2 04:41:06 PST 2017

On Thursday, 2 February 2017 at 05:33:57 UTC, FrankLike wrote:
>    A good language, powerful performance is on the one hand, 
> but, first of all is practical.
> No language does not involve the database, because the database 
> is the most widely used. Why C #, Java are better than D in 
> practical? Because the basic work is good and practical!
>   There was a language is born for the database, it's called 
> PowerBuilder, because it did not keep up with the development 
> of the Internet era (B / S architecture), and their own 
> development is not good, and later replaced by Java. But now, D 
> even C / S architecture is not doing a good job.
>   When I'm ready to use D, but found the poor practicality! C 
> #, Java can do, but D can not do!
>  For example, I want to do the  execution of stored procedure 
> for MSSql、MySQL database. I found in Mysql-d, Mysql-Native, 
> arsd, DDBC, etc. there is no result. Therefore, the project had 
> to give up, turn to C #.
> the practicality of database in D , is the basis for the 
> development of D, will determine the future of D!
> Frank

I use mysql with for vibe.d project and either mysql-lited or 
mysql-native works well for me. There seem to be no mssql package 
though (because few people will pay to use unless it fetch them 
enough money for what it is worth).

I agree there are still more packages needed but they increase 
week by week as I've been observing.

I personally REALLY need an Amazon S3 api but vibe-s3 maintainer 
hasn't gotten enough time to work on it and there almost no 
contributions (even for S3 which is popular/the defacto in the 
cloud storage world). I know it sucks when you can't do it for 

But we can only hope more people get motivated to contribute 
packages to dub. I'm quite impressed by the few companies in 
Github contributing/submitting their production packages to dub 
registry. It is only getting better day in day out.

I don't know if there is anything the D Foundation can and will 
do about that :)

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