The end of curl (in phobos)

Dmitry Olshansky via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Sat Feb 18 14:48:53 PST 2017

On 2/18/17 10:20 PM, Seb wrote:
> On Monday, 9 May 2016 at 10:44:13 UTC, ZombineDev wrote:
>> On Monday, 9 May 2016 at 09:35:18 UTC, sigod wrote:
>>> On Monday, 9 May 2016 at 08:55:36 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
>>>> But given that handles stuff like SSL/TLS, we _can't_
>>>> actually replace all of its functionality - at least not without
>>>> adding a dependency on a different C library, since there's no way
>>>> that it's sane to do the crypto stuff ourselves without a crypto
>>>> expert, and even then, we should think twice about it. I could see
>>>> implementing the SSL/TLS protocols themselves but not the crypto
>>>> they use. If we replace, we likely should just provide
>>>> the basic HTTP functionality, and leave the rest to a dub package
>>>> that we move to.
>>> Any chances that we can produce good crypto code over time? And
>>> verify it with experts, of course.
>> AFAIK, it is already used in
>> production by its author, in combination with libasync + vibe.d +
>> http2 for a full stack D solution.
> So what's the consensus on this issue?
> Can't we simply move and etc.c.curl to undead and just
> _not_ include it in Phobos?
> Anyone reasonable will use requests [1], vibe.d's async requestHTTP [2]
> or their home-grown library anyways. As mentioned in another thread [3],
> Phobos is bloated with "old" modules that wouldn't have made it through
> today's review process.

For some time I was a proponent of yanking stuff from Phobos into 
oblivion. Now I'm not. Stop breaking code. Yes, we should think harder 
before introducing libraries into Phobos but continuing on with removal 
of stuff just introduces the continuous churn for no adequate benefit.

What would anyone get from removal? Are you going to find 
all of D programs and patch them to use something else?

Yes, Phobos is full of historical accidents and cruft. I'm constantly 
tempted to propose Phobos v2 properly _designed_ (not *grown*) and 
without the junk. I really think it might be a good idea but only when 
we actually know what a proper design looks like.

Dmitry Olshansky

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