DIP88 Named Parameters, Status?

Nicholas Wilson iamthewilsonator at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 30 23:15:14 UTC 2017

On Saturday, 30 September 2017 at 16:57:09 UTC, solidstate1991 
> On Saturday, 30 September 2017 at 16:22:37 UTC, Jonathan M 
> Davis wrote:
>> Effectively, all DIPs from that wiki that have not already 
>> been accepted are dead, regardless of whether they stand any 
>> chance of acceptance. For any DIP to be accepted, it will have 
>> to go through the new DIP process, which essentially means 
>> creating a new DIP.
>> As for named parameters specifically, I'd be very surprised to 
>> see them added to the language. From what I recall, Walter 
>> wasn't particularly fond of the idea, and since it _is_ 
>> possible to implement them with a library solution, it's 
>> exactly the sort of thing that Andrei is likely to veto. At 
>> this point, in general, if something can be done in the 
>> language as it stands, it's not likely for it to be accepted 
>> as a DIP. Now, that's dealt with on a case by case basis, so I 
>> can't say for certain that a DIP for named parameters would be 
>> rejected, but I would expect it to be.
>> - Jonathan M Davis
> What about DIP45, or making export an attribute? That would 
> help the language to go mainstream.

I was going to do this as part of DIP1012 but Martin Nowak 
advised me that I should remove it because DIP45 was still being 
worked on by Benjamin Thaut and that it had some advantages over 
doing what C/C++ does. So I removed it from DIP1012.

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