Better string mixins

Mike Parker aldacron at
Sun Dec 30 05:18:39 UTC 2018

On Sunday, 30 December 2018 at 02:01:47 UTC, Rubn wrote:

> Every office I've been to doesn't let anyone from the street 
> walk around willy nilly. Yah you have bigger problems if you 
> consider this an office.

Then let's call it the D Community's office, as that's what 
Walter was getting at. Everything that happens here reflects on 
the community at large. When people wander in from reddit or 
elsewhere and see a bunch of flamewars, temper tantrums, and 
such, they won't acscribe it only to the participants, but to the 
D Community. We'll turn off those who are serious and fuel those 
who like to talk smack outside.

These forums have been around for many years now in various forms 
and have generally been decent because the people who participate 
agree to keep it that way. I count myself among those who would 
like to see that continue.

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