Sign the installers

Radu void at
Thu Jun 28 07:35:13 UTC 2018

On Wednesday, 27 June 2018 at 23:54:55 UTC, Manu wrote:
> Hey people,
> So I had a few people in the office refuse to install DMD 
> because when
> they launched the installer, Windows displayed the prompt that 
> it was
> untrusted (ie, unsigned) and not offer the install button 
> without
> manual override.
> True also for VisualD.
> Can we get a key and start signing the install packages?
> It would be super-cool to sign the 2.081 release since it's 
> like, imminent ;)
> - Manu

This can be done easily, you need something like this on the 
Linux build server
osslsigncode sign -pkcs12 dlang-cert.pkcs12.p12 -pass `cat 
dlang-cert.pkcs12.pwd` -n "Dlang installer" -i -t -in 
./org_setup.exe -out ./signed_setup.exe

I think the SSL certificate can be used to create the pkcs12.p12 
one used for signing.

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