Any project started for libmongoc?

tirtihen tirithen at
Tue Dec 10 08:53:52 UTC 2019

Hi, I'm fairly new to the D language, I found it when searching 
for a fast compiled C-like language with less configuration than 
C++. I'm mainly a Node.js and Go developer previously so I guess 
I have been a bit spoiled with a lot of ready made off the shelf 
third party packages being available.

I want to use it for web development and I'm looking for a good 
MongoDB driver. I have tried the one used by vibe.d but it lacks 
a lot of features and I'm now after some way of doing distributed 
transactions (

There seem to be a good official C library ( 
and D is supposed to be good at interfacing against C but it 
looks like quite a lot of work for a D beginner (around 50 header 

Is there anyone else that have started on this or similar MongoDB 
driver already?

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