Anyone using Neovim?

Petar Petar
Tue Dec 24 08:25:16 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 24 December 2019 at 00:11:00 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
> I added Neovim to the Vim entry on this wiki page:
> I wanted to do that in case someone searches for Neovim editor 
> support for D. I don't use either Neovim or Vim, and honestly 
> don't know anything about either, so please add any additional 
> information if there's some special Neovim support beyond 
> what's available for Vim.

I have been using NeoVim since probably 2016, but I never found 
the need to install anything related to D, or any other 
programming language, except for syntax highlighting.

One of the value propositions of NeoVim, compared to other editor 
(plugins) that try to imitate vim is that most (all before vim 
8?) vim plugins work out of the box for NeoVim as well.

I use, but I haven't 
tried DSnips, Dutyl or anything that integrates a LSP, or DCD.

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