Could D have fit Microsoft's needs?

drug drug2004 at
Tue Jul 23 11:10:32 UTC 2019

23.07.2019 13:31, greatsam4sure пишет:
> My major problem with D is the critical community. It is discouraging to 
> cope with. This forum is too critical about D challenges and says little 
> or nothing about the strength of D. Most of the post here is about why D 
> cannot succeed or be used. The organizer should do something about such 
> a post. Just Google Dlang and reads the comments about the language, you 
> will be discouraged to go further. But most of the comments are not true 
> as I start learning D. Dlang is a beautiful language that is easy to use.
> I think the community should put out an article about D outline all the 
> strength in a compelling way especially from proven industry users.

This is because people who think that D is a suitable language for their 
needs have no time to write posts just for fun because they are busy 
writing their products using D.

Interestingly that big part of posts that criticize D is written unknown 
people who has several posts if not single one.

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