[SAoC] 'DPP with Linux kernel headers' Project Thread

Cristian Becerescu cristian.becerescu at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 16 14:59:51 UTC 2019

Update for week 4 of Milestone 2 (ended on November 10th, sorry 
for the delay)

Continued testing dpp with virtio.h and found multiple bugs, 
especially regarding renaming:

---Bug #1---
Accessors for members of anonymous records are not renamed when 
the members are keywords

So in this case

struct A {
     union {
         unsigned int version;
         char module;

the members themselves would be renamed (to version_ and 
module_), but the accessor function names would not (they would 
be auto version(...) and auto module(...) etc.).

(Solved during week 5 of Milestone 2)

---Bug #2---
The fixFields() method doesn't work when multiple structs have a 
field (of type pointer to struct) which needs renaming

So in this case

struct A;
struct B {
     struct A *A;

struct C {
     struct A* A;

dpp would only rename one of the fields (either the one in B or 
in C), because the _fieldDeclarations associative array 
overwrites the already existing (if any) line number with a new 
one. So it would rename only the field which is contained in the 
last processed struct.

Also, this affects C11 anon records, if, for example we would add 
the struct below to the ones above

struct D {
     union {
         struct A* A;
         int d;

(Both of those problems have a proposed solution, during week 5 
of Milestone 2)

---Bug #3---
In some cases, dpp writes a clang warning into the generated D 
file. For example (for virtio.h):

foo.d.tmp:81822:141: warning: __VA_ARGS__ can only appear in the 
expansion of a C99 variadic macro #define __PVOP_VCALL ( op , pre 
, post, ... ) ____PVOP_VCALL ( op , CLBR_ANY , 
__VA_ARGS__ ).

This is written exactly as is in the D file. I still have to 
figure why this happens.

---Bug #3---
Some code is translated to enum BLA = 6LLU;
LLU is not valid in D (LL needs to be changed to L).

---Bug #4---
An enum is initialized with a value of 68719476704, which 
produces this:
Error: cannot implicitly convert expression 68719476704L of type 
long to int

I will probably need to check if some values of the enum are > 
int.max, and, if so, declare "enum : long" instead of "enum".

---Bug #5---
Again regarding C11 anon records: in its output, dpp writes 
"const(_Anonymous_55) version_;", and this conflicts with the 
accessor functions' name for a struct field. I will try to figure 
out the reason why dpp adds that declaration in the first place 
and fix this (most probably another renaming issue).

---(Maybe) Bug #6---
Error: undefined identifier xattr_handler

The above happens in a struct declaration (a field of that type 
is declared) and also in a function declaration (a parameter of 
that type). The struct declaration for xattr_handler is not in 
the generated D file .Will look more into this.

---Bug #7---
usr/bin/ld: Warning: size of symbol 
`_D3foo10local_apic12__reserved_1MUNaNbNdNiNfZk' changed from 15 
in foo.o to 18 in foo.o

After manually trying to solve the bugs above in the generated 
foo.d D file, the only problem remaining is the linker one above.

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