[SAoC] 'DPP with Linux kernel headers' Project Thread

Cristian Becerescu cristian.becerescu at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 3 17:00:18 UTC 2019

Update for week 3 of Milestone 2

- I've proposed a solution for the 'typeof with actual types 
instead of expressions' issue from last week 

- I've identified the problem with the nested C11 structs and 
unions mentioned last week. An explanation for this was given in 
response to Jacob's questions above 
(https://forum.dlang.org/post/ckxmzciqkijaarwgmsdh@forum.dlang.org and https://forum.dlang.org/post/xbbafbbscjlgaoqznxlw@forum.dlang.org). I also proposed a solution for this issue here: https://github.com/atilaneves/dpp/pull/204

- On several occasions (when translating virtio.h), some function 
parameters' types contain the struct keyowrd which produces 
compiling errors. I'll try to solve this particular issue and 
other bugs in the next few days

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