Why do C++ programmers are not interested in D?

Pavel Shkadzko p.shkadzko at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 08:51:49 UTC 2019

Sorry for "clickbaity" title but I believe it is discussion 

This spring I started looking into D and trying it for some of 
the data analysis and scripting tasks. So, I am fairly new to the 
language and all its toolset (mainly using Python and Scala at 
work). I don't know C++. We do however have C++ engineers so I 
asked them around. I was quite surprised that none of them knew 
or even tried to use D. They of course heard about the language 
but that's it.

This Friday I also attended a PyTorch meetup in Munich at 
Microsoft where one of the core PyTorch developers (Adam Paszke) 
made a presentation about the future of this deep learning 
library. During presentation he mentioned that he played around 
with Hasktorch (a PyTorch inspired library in Haskell) to see how 
does PyTorch concepts go with functional style. When I approached 
him after the talk and asked if he ever thought of trying D for 
that purpose he looked surprised and confessed that he didn't 
know the language, heard about it yes but it never occurred to 
him to try and use it.

Having read about how D is a better C++ and trying it out, I have 
a feeling that it would be extremely easy for C++ devs to just 
start programming in it minutes away after getting to know its 
syntax. I saw it with my own eyes in one of the Munich meetups on 
D. But why are so few C++ devs actually do it remains a mystery 
to me. I would really like to stay away from the general 
discussion on why D is not as popular as other languages :) 
rather I'd ask around for C++ programmers who have tried D and 
share some positive experience they had so that I could spread 
the word.

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