Why do C++ programmers are not interested in D?

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> > 
> Some universities.

Good point, I was wrong to imply the claim all universities.

> Mine was quite strong in C++, and still teaches it to this day.

I had been teaching C++ in term 2 (term 1 was using Miranda) at UCL and we
switched to Java in both terms with a suitable change of content to do much
more on algorithms and data structures. Then I moved to KCL and we switched
Modula-2 to Java in terms 1 and 2 with roughyl the same course content as at
UCL (I wonder why? :-) ).

> The only lectures that switched to Java in 1996/97 were compiler 
> design and distributed systems, with artificial intelligent 
> allowing it as alternative in addition to the Prolog/C++/Lisp 
> trio for assignment work.
> It is always a question of university quality level.

And indeed country. It was the top flight universities in the UK that made the
switch to Java. 

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