Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Ecstatic Coder ecstatic.coder at
Tue Oct 1 05:35:22 UTC 2019

> I think no matter what you do, C++ folks will complain. They're 
> just triggered by the word GC. That's why every single 
> discussion thread about D outside of this forums starts at the 
> GC. Then someone will mention @nogc or refcounting. Then 
> someone will chime in about how you lose most of the packages 
> and standard library because it assumes GC is present. And then 
> people will just go "oh man, that is so complicated".

Exactly. ILHO the "BetterC' approach won't help D get new 

One the contrary, all the effort spent in removing the GC is 
useless, as the GC is precisely what makes D a better language 
over C++.

I'm convinced his huge amount of effort should have been spent on 
making D a better Go/Crystal/etc.

As I said earlier, I *REALLY* wanted to implement Cyclone, my 
CQL/SQL script runner in D.

The problem is it was SO MUCH easier to do it in Go, despite is 
EXTREMELY limited compared to an object oriented language like D 
: no genericity, no parametric polymorphism, no virtual 
inheritance, etc.

But the language and its standard library provides ALL the 
building blocks you need to implement web servers (coroutines, 
HTTP, etc), and the official CQL/SQL database drivers are 
complete, optimized, well maintained and used extensively.

As I already said, it takes you just a few very simple lines of 
code to implement this script runner in Go, because you can 
clearly see that the language itself was designed especially for 
that : manage efficiently HTTP and database connections.

Which is nice, because it's the world most developers live in now.

Putting so much effort in trying to convince the few developers 
developing C++ embedded applications to switch to D, while D is a 
very nice garbage collected language, and so many of us use other 
ones (Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc) to develop 
connected applications a completely ineffective strategy, if D 
wants more contributors.

Because as one has said above, with so few contributors working 
on their spare time or funded by the D sponsors, I think the 
language should strive to remain as SIMPLE as possible, and first 
be enhanced to provide what most STANDARD developers need, not to 
add complicated micro-features which are useless to most of us.

And unfortunately, despite their imperfections, it seems that 
several new languages like Go and Crystal have at least perfectly 
understood those principles.

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