Nim programming language finally hit 1.0

Chris wendlec at
Tue Oct 1 20:35:37 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 1 October 2019 at 15:55:50 UTC, Ali wrote:
> Something I was always curious to know, Andrei Alexandrescu 
> worked at facebook for few years
> And from the little available online, it seems that facebook 
> for a while used D for some internal tools
> Again as an outsider, and with very little available on this, 
> it seems facebook  moved t Ocaml and than Reason
> Did Andrei, ever write a blog on why D at facebook didnt 
> happen, it seems like it could have been a big moment for D
> (OCaml is a GC language, so it can't be the GC)

I remember Andrei mentioned in an article that D was faster than 
C++ for a script like cli tool, because it never freed memory in 
the first place (before it finished). Below you will find some 
material about it [1]. I don't know what exactly D was used for 
at facebook (he's probably not allowed to reveal it), but it 
might have been data analysis, same stuff sociomantics uses it 
for. Anyway, would be interesting to see why facebook abandoned 
it (or at least didn't go on with it) after Andrei had left. But 
the D community tends not to ask such questions ;)

The announcement:$2gd8$

"In a post on the website, Alexandrescu elaborates a 
little more: The code project he’s working on is in “heavy daily 
use at Facebook” and originally it was written in C++. Now that 
it’s in D the team has “measured massive wins in all of source 
code size, build speed, and running speed.” His post has spurred 
a lot of positive support on the forum, and if what he says is 
true then it would make sense for Facebook to take a critical 
tool and make it more efficient–because there will be an upshot 
on overall efficiency of operations at the site."

"Today, Alexandrescu is a research scientist at Facebook, where 
he and a team of coders are using D to refashion small parts of 
the company's massive operation. Bright, too, has collaborated 
with Facebook on this experimental software, as an outsider 
contractor. The tech giant isn't an official sponsor of the 
language—something Alexandrescu is quick to tell you—but Facebook 
believes in D enough to keep him working on it full-time, and the 
company is at least considering the possibility of using D in 
lieu of C++, the venerable language that drives the systems at 
the heart of so many leading web services."

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