Issues ... Edition 87

Carsten Schlote carsten.schlote at
Thu Oct 10 11:15:20 UTC 2019

Or even simpler code like this:

  import std.json, std.stdio;
  void main()
      JSONType c;
      writefln("%s", c);

This triggers lots of completely useless deprecation warnings. 
Obviously the code above is completely fine, and there is nothing 
(!) I could do to stop the compiler from emitting the completely 
useless messages.

I try to use D at work, and convince my collegues of it. I 
started with some small scripts in our CI pipelines, as well as 
with some other small tools. Maybe we could rid of C++/Qt, Bash, 
PHP, Python and other evil things in our build chain. D could do 
it perfectly fine. but...

It isn't expecially helpful for convincing people of the D 
language, if every update of the compilers is causing cryptic 
problems or piles of useless messages. IMHO that is worse than 
using C++, which is well known for emitting useless messages all 
and everywhere.

I hope that such stuff is fixed ASAP, before I run out of good 
arguments for using D.


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