Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

Guillaume Piolat first.last at
Wed Oct 16 12:23:47 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 16 October 2019 at 08:13:34 UTC, Chris wrote:
> Good point, and it has been made before by various people on 
> the forum. Átilas vision sounds good and very ambitious. Then 
> again, D also needs a clean up due to failed ambitions in the 
> past, and D needs proper tooling (like in the Java world). So 
> what you need are TWO teams: one that cleans up, improves and 
> extends D, and one that builds the tooling and infrastructure. 
> The latter will be more difficult to find, because from what 
> I've seen on this forum it seems that most professional and 
> hobby users don't care so much about the tools as they often 
> have their own custom made build tools for D and they are much 
> more interested in features and libraries.
> Does anyone have a plan how to get people on board who want to 
> invest time and effort in a sound ecosystem? It seems that D 
> hasn't reached the critical mass of users yet that enough 
> people are frustrated and thus join efforts to make things 
> easier (again cf. Java). How will you guys tackle that?

It's a bit too much irony for me. Your entire involvement with 
this forum is to disparage D and drive people out (I've read 
dozens of your posts). See the language you are using in this 
very post:

- "failed ambitions in the past"

- "D also needs a clean up" < implying it's too dirty to save, 
which is just funny as ProtoObject and copy-ctor makes is 
cleaner, the clean-up is actually in progress,

- "It seems hasn't reached the critical mass of users" < it 
"seems" but somehow it has to be asserted like truth? How do we 
know that?

...this sort of ready-made sentences been going for years and of 
course they have an effect on perception and you are doing it on 
purpose, every day.

One idea to improve D marketing would be not to offer a tribune 
for unsubstantiated criticism.

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