Feedback on Átila's Vision for D

Chris wendlec at
Thu Oct 17 08:20:02 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 16 October 2019 at 23:37:47 UTC, welkam wrote:

> I come back to forums/mailing list and I cant believe what I 
> found. A Chris accurately identified a reason for a problem and 
> is not blaming leadership. Its a miracle!

First of all, there have been changes in the leadership, and 
Átila seems to have an open mind as regards tooling and maybe 
other points. His vision is ambitious but grounded in reality, 
the reality of writing and using software. I really like it so 
far. Let's call it 2020 Vision :)

> To make sound ecosystem whatever that means you need resources. 
> Resources are both people and money. Just thinking about people 
> you unnecessary limit options for solving problems. Second 
> frustration is the wrong emotion to motivate people to work on 
> D or any volunteer organisation. Frustrated people just give up 
> and leave. To get people involved you need some of these 
> emotions. Optimism, hopefulness, being part of something 
> bigger, helpful to others, appreciation, responsibility, 
> ownership.

Amazing insights. Who would have thought? Thanks for sharing your 
wisdom with us.

> Now I have been lurking here and on reddit for a few years and 
> recently I noticed a lot of new people complaining about 
> extremely negative community. In the past people talked about D 
> community as being self critical and saw that as positive but 
> never negative. Looking at this forum activity it becomes clear 
> that you are the biggest reason why newcomers feel that way. I 
> would suggest for you to rethink your conduct here so that 
> newcomer opinion revert to previously held one namely self 
> critical because at this moment your behavior is in opposition 
> to your stated goals.

Yeah, no. It's the few critics who are to blame, it's not the 
multiple flaws of D that prevent mass-adoption of D, and in no 
way can the mentality of the (old) leadership be blamed. Agreed. 
But then again, how do you explain this post by a long standing 
and well respected member of the community?

I've read something to this effect before, and I think sometimes 
even in my own posts here (I'm not on reddit, by the way).

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