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Chris wendlec at
Fri Oct 18 11:09:42 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 21:58:14 UTC, Guillaume Piolat 
> On Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 21:25:04 UTC, Ola Fosheim 
> Grøstad wrote:
>> On Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 20:51:35 UTC, welkam wrote:
>>> That message you linked reads like it was written by me.
>> You both assume too much then...
>> Ad hominem, slander and hostility does not build good 
>> communities.  You get what you seed.  That's the source of the 
>> negativity you complained about. Right there... Right here.
> From: 
> Let me quote the conclusions:
>   "it might be said that online trolls are prototypical 
> everyday sadist"

I've met everyday sadists. They torture people in a way that 
their victims don't even notice that they're being tortured by 
the everyday sadist. Their victims think that there was a 
"misunderstanding" or that they did something wrong. Everyday 
sadists, unlike me, don't engage in arguments or debates, they 
pray on random incidents to make others feel bad, or, if they 
can, they hide behind the ideology of the day or the zeitgeist. 
"Hey you, you didn't throw the bottle into the recycling bin!" 
It's about power and instant gratification and a deep seated 
inferiority complex and cowardice.

I admit, I do challenge the zeitgeist and ideologies and 
sometimes I can't resist to argue with representatives of the 
zeitgeist and zealots of whatever ideology. In this sense, I'm a 

But I prefer a well informed conversation with people like Ola, 
Russel Winder and Paulo Pinto that actually helps me to make 
better decisions in my profession. Ideology is the death of 

> And there is a non-zero amount of sadists (probably ill-defined 
> but research shown it's a psychological trait). Some of them 
> will engage in trolling behaviour.
> I hope the reader now see it's hopeless to have no moderation 
> and hope for the best, since goodwill alone doesn't prevent 
> some people from enjoying distress in others.
> Good communities are built on the Internet with exclusion 
> (moderation, internet point, banning, etc...)
> As evidenced by Reddit, HN, StackOverflow, having all 
> of that and maintaining a good level of civility. Not banning 
> people is the surest way to have an unwelcoming community.

Again, you are publicly calling for censorship. You never have 
any real points but you are engaging in a smear campaign against 
me and other critics. That's the typical behavior of an ideologue.

Still waiting for an answer...Why is D the best choice for you?

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