dmd failure compiling in release mode with dub

Antonio Corbi antonio at
Mon Oct 21 10:26:35 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Under GNU/Linux and dmd 2.088.0, when compiling in release mode 
(dub build -b release) a small project that uses gtkd I get a 
pair of lines like these:

tym = x14
/usr/bin/dmd failed with exit code -4.

And compilation fails. I've tried to reduce the code (in order to 
fill a bug) like this:

dub dustmite ../DM -b release
None => No
object.Exception at DustMite/dustmite.d(271): Initial test fails 
(try using --no-redirect for details)
??:? _Dmain [0x556e23f7bfd1]

But I cannot pass over there (i.e. I don't know how to pass the 
--no-redirect option to dustmite when calling it from dub).

Is there something that I can try to make dustmite reduce the 

My code compiles and links ok with dmd in no-release mode.
The same behaviour happens with dmd 2.088.1 and 2.089.0-beta.1.
It also compiles ok in release and no-release modes with 


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