Programming language for GIMP fork's rewrite

Clipsey clipsey at
Sun Sep 1 20:34:40 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 20:23:14 UTC, Eugene Wissner wrote:
> On Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 19:51:58 UTC, Clipsey wrote:
>> On Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 18:57:07 UTC, Kamran wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> People who forked GIMP, a popular open source image editor 
>>> are discussing on which language to choose for their rewrite 
>>> at [1] and they are considering D. Maybe some of you can help 
>>> them out.
>>> [1]
>> Oh hey, I didn't expect this to be shared here, haha.
>> Yeah we're considering D, though i'm the main advocate for it. 
>> So sadly there's p big chances that Rust will be chosen over D.
> I thought the most logical choice would be Vala. It may be not 
> that popular outside Gnome, but there were times when it was 
> almost the standard language for new Gtk/Glib projects.

Vala is too tightly tied to GLib for it to be useful for some of 
the things we want to do. Can cause issues when binding to lower 
level APIs.

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