DIP 1021--Argument Ownership and Function Calls--Final Review

Olivier FAURE couteaubleu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 16:51:41 UTC 2019

On Monday, 16 September 2019 at 09:13:48 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
> DIP 1021, "Argument Ownership and Function Calls", is now ready 
> for Final Review. This is the last chance for community 
> feedback before the DIP is handed off to Walter (the author in 
> this case) and Átila for the Formal Assessment.

I don't understand the point of this review thread.

I know I've been hostile to this proposal, but beyond the 
object-level problems (which I won't repeat), there seems to be a 
problem of process here.

Reviewers have given feedback. Walter has, as you yourself noted, 
declared that feedback was invalid and already covered by the 
existing proposal; as such, the proposal is being posted again 
with no content change.

Like, I get that it isn't your job to agree or disagree with 
Walter on an object level; but on a process level, something 
clearly isn't working, and it feels like you should intervene. 
Either by putting your foot down and asking Walter make changes 
(like, any changes at all); by having some sort of mediator role 
between Walter and reviewers, maybe by organizing a chat or 
something; or by fast-tracking the proposal all the way and 
skipping the final review.

Because right now, I have to agree with Exil from last thread: 
I'm saying this with all the respect I have for you, but this is 
a charade. You're asking for feedback that we know for a fact 
Walter will ignore, because he has ignored all feedback given so 

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